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The word Astrology is derived from two Greek words, Astra, a star, and Logos, logic or reason.Our universe is full of all kinds of amazing energies. Astrology allows us to interpret these energies. It's not a religion so we aren't required to start or stop believing in anything, and we don't need to believe in it for it to work.

Astrology is a tool to gain objective awareness of your own patterns of behavior. We all have tendencies that lead to inappropriate actions and feelings of isolation and unhappiness. The trick is to discover our own "glitches" and empower ourselves to avoid them. With this objective knowledge we can choose to make adjustments that result in our life operating more smoothly.It is essential to gain some understanding of the four most important components of any birthchart: the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects.



THE PLANETS: Show the universal URGES we all need to experience and express on planet Earth. (For example, the planet VENUS represents the universal desire to love and be loved).


THE SIGNS: Show the individual STYLE with which we express these urges. (For example, VENUS in ARIES would indicate that the person's love nature is feisty , enjoys conquest or fiery interchange, is impulsive, ardent, and enjoys new beginnings.)


THE HOUSES: Show the ARENA in which each urge can best be activated and satisfied. (For example, VENUS in the 11th House means that friendship and group activities are the elements that best stimulate and satisfy the urge to love and be loved).


THE ASPECTS: Show the mathematical, energetic relationship between the urges. (For example, a 'square' exists when two planets are located 90 degrees apart from each other. It is an energetic relationship of inner conflict. If VENUS squares MARS in a person's chart they will experience conflict between love and sex: they may feel that they can't be in love with the same person they are attracted to sexually).


Vedic astrology follows the same combinations of the houses, signs and planets as those in Western astrology. But for those of us familiar with the Western birth chart, there will be many differences. The Vedic birth chart is square, instead of the round chart wheel of Western astrology. The houses, signs and planets also take on different meaning under Vedic astrology. The more recently discovered outer planets -- Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are not considered in Vedic astrology for the purposes of interpreting a chart, however, the Lunar Nodes are. The North Node is known as Rahu and the South Node as Ketu.


Each planet is also given rulership over a particular sign of the zodiac and it is referred to as its lord. The ruling planet transfers a large part of its influence upon the sign it rules and planet ruler ships play a very important part in Vedic science.


Western astrology considers the Sun as the center of our universe, and therefore the most significant influence in our lives. Vedic astrology, on the other hand, uses the 27 constellations of the Moon -- called the Lunar Mansions or Nakshatras -- as the primary source of predictive techniques. The Sun represents one's soul while the Moon represents one's mind. Both are important, and both have a significant place in astrology.

Your astrology chart or your horoscope is your personal map, calculated using the date and time you were born from the perspective of your birth location. From that information, a circular, clock-shaped diagram emerges that shows where every planet, star and asteroid was located at the moment you made your debut.

In India, astrology has been considered to be a lamp which enables a person to see in the darkness of the future. Our social life and also our business life need a guide who could help us in our day to day interactions and transactions which is only possible by right guidance by experienced astrologer.


We provide complete glimpse of kundali and location of planets and their positive & negative impact.



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  • Grah(planets) Mantra Jaap

  • Planetary Pooja and Homans

  • Daan and Alms( Donation)

  • Lord Shiva Pooja (In case of saviour health problem)

  • Chandra-Rahu Pooja

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