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Prashna Jyotish is a branch of Vedic astrology that deals exclusively with answering question. It is also known as Horary Vedic Astrology in West. One of the most useful and dynamic branches of Vedic astrology is prashna, which literally means question.


The real close-up shot or microscopic view would be to focus just on one question for a specific period of time. This is Prashna Jyotish.




The conception of a question is the thought which enters one's mind. Pondering, worrying, and brooding over it is the gestation period. Of course Prashna is not limited to romantic pondering, but can be applied to almost any situation wherein humans have question.


The following list is a small sample of the thousands of question I have been asked in the course of my practice. I have chosen them to show the wide variety and almost endless applications that is limited only by one's own imagination and personal experiences.


  • My daughter is missing, Is she all right? When will she return?

  • What shall be the result for me if I do foreign settlement?

  • Should I file a legal suit against Mr. X?

  • My health isn't good. The doctor recommended some treatment, should I do it?

  • What is the sex of my unborn child?

  • Should I purchase the land/vehicle?

  • What will be the result if I marry X?

  • Will I pass this exam or not?

  • Will I be able to get this job or not?

  • When will I get married?

  • Will this surgery successful or not?

  • Is this business partnership good for my future?

  • I am suffering from financial curse, will I ever be able to overcome?

    For formulating a question to get a clear unambiguous answer, consider the following guidelines.


  • Pray to God that He will reveal His answer to you through the astrologer.

  • Keep your mind clear, and meditate on your question. If your mind is confused and you are thinking of many different questions at once, then the chart will reflect your nebulous state of mind and be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible to answer.

  • Ask only one question at a time. If you have other question, keep your mind clear and ask them only after you have received an answer to your first question.

  • Don't ask more then three questions in one day. (Braghu Muni says that it is best to approach the astrologer with only one question of an auspicious nature)

  • The clearer the question, the clearer the answer will be. A vague or ambiguous question will be reflected in the Prashna chart and it will be impossible to answer.

  • Always write down your question before asking the astrologer. This forces you to think clearly and concisely.

  • Don't ask convoluted questions. Keep them as straight forward as possible.

  • Don't ask open ended questions like, “what should I do with my life? ". Or “what type of work should I do?". There are literally tens of thousands of possible answers to these type of questions.

  • Do not ask the exact same question within a three-month period. (To the same astrologer) allow time to act.



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